ARTICLE VII: Miscellaneous Provisions


Section 1. Fiscal Year Except as from time to time otherwise determined by the Board, the fiscal year of the Club shall be the twelve (12) months ending June 30.

Section 2. Seal. The Club may have a seal as determined by the Board.

Section 3. Execution of Instruments. All deeds, leases, transfers, contracts, bonds, notes and other obligations authorized to be executed by an officer of the Club on its behalf shall be signed by the President, except as the Board may generally or in particular cases otherwise determine.

Section 4. Club Records. The original, or attested copies, of the Articles of Organization of the Club, of the Bylaws and records of all meetings of the Board and the members, and the records which shall contain the names and addresses of all members shall be kept at the principal office of the Club, or by the Secretary of the Club, or at such location as the Board may direct.

Section 5. Articles of Organization. All references in these Bylaws to the Articles of Organization shall be deemed to refer to the Articles of Organization of the Club in effect and as amended from time to time.