From the President

Dear Wharton Alumni of New England,

I am almost halfway through my term with our Club and we continue to thrive as a Club. I am grateful to you, our members, and our Board for your support and engagement. I am thoroughly enjoying working closely with such a talented team and having the opportunity to meet so many alumni during my term.

We continue to be a mission driven Alumni Club, focusing on community, brand, and engagement. We rely on our core capabilities and generous volunteers, as we expand our membership base and innovate our offerings to meet the changing needs of that membership base.

We have a very strong and talented Board, committed to the Wharton Club of Boston. Each Board member contributes time and expertise, and generates valued programs and events that enable networking, education, and fun. Favorites include our museum visits, sports events, recent alumni get togethers, community volunteering, Wharton speakers, and monthly networking meetings. We have recruited new leadership to the Board, greatly expanding our diversity, creativity, and capacity. This is our next generation of Leadership, and I feel very confident in our future.

We have a strong partnership with the UPenn of Boston, and enjoy sharing programs with them and the opportunity to meet their members. We expanded the partnership to include Community Volunteering and a Theater show, most recently Earth Day Charles River Clean Up in 2016 and Matilda in June 2016.

We expanded geographically as well, offering many new programs in the North Shore area under the leadership of Dr. Pat Gentile, President, North Shore Community College.

We launched a new offering in the Fall of  2014, an Industry Dinner Series. Participants enjoy a relaxed evening with Wharton alumni working in the same industry, enjoying the opportunity to engage in robust conversation and to build relationships across their relative sectors.

We will stay focused on the fundamentals: providing valuable programming to ensure that you, our members, are gaining the most from the strong Wharton alumni network in Boston. We encourage you to suggest ideas for us to better serve you.

I look forward to seeing you at a future event, and would enjoy partnering with you on planning one!

And I always appreciate hearing from members on their Club experiences and perceptions of value, so please reach out to me at

Joan Blake, WG'85