Officers and Directors

The current Officers and Directors of the Wharton Club of Boston are:

Neal Piliavin, President

Jock Payten, President Emeritus

David Rittner, President Emeritus

Fred Azar, VP and Treasurer

Richard Lane, VP and Past President

Joan Blake, Chairperson of the Board
Lennitt Bligen, President Emeritus
Alex Brown, President Emeritus
Beth Somers Stutzman VP Community Engagement
Ken Davis, VP and Member at Large
Jon Flitter, L'73 VP Legal Affairs and Director
Jay Gardner, VP Secretary
Amit Gupta, Past President and Member at Large
Liana Metzger, VP Wharton Women

Hari Pujar, VP Executive MBA's
Jeff Waldron, VP and Member at Large
Hadar Yehudai, VP Young Alumni

Wendy Bea Dalwin VP and Member at Large

Avinash Chugh VP and Member at Large

Conni Cranos, VP and Member at Large