Privacy Policy

I) General Privacy Statement

The Wharton Club of Boston, Inc. (“we” or the “Club”) understands the importance of protecting the privacy of personal information, especially in today’s increasingly electronic environment. We do not maintain or store “personal information” within the meaning of Massachusetts law. In other words, the Club does not need or seek to obtain your Social Security number, driver’s license number or your financial, credit card or debit card numbers. Any credit card information entered through the Club’s website is actually being entered on a third party site which independently stores and protects that information. The Club seeks to enhance opportunities and services for Wharton alumni, consistent with appropriate privacy protections for alumni and other user data (collectively, “User Data”). The Club has adopted the following policy and related procedures to protect User Data and to provide users with appropriate control over the use, accuracy and availability of their User Data.

II) Use and Sharing Restrictions

a) Purpose restriction. The Club will draw on User Data only for its alumni-oriented outreach, service, development and engagement programs. These programs include, for example, communicating about alumni events, engaging in fundraising activities, building relationships and offering online community services.

b) Limitation on Sharing. User Data will be shared only with Club officers and agents with a need to know it; with the University of Pennsylvania in conjunction with its alumni programs; with authorized users in the case of directory information in the online community services; and with the Club’s approved partners for the purpose of advancing programs designed to serve Wharton alumni. The Club will not share User Data with third parties for their use independent of authorized Club activities.

c) Assurances by Officers Accessing Alumni Systems. All Club officers and agents with access to User Data must agree to abide by privacy preferences expressed by alumni and by this policy.

d) Law-related Disclosures. We may disclose your personal information as required by law in connection with judicial or administrative proceedings.

III) User Control – Opting Out of Communications

a) Website Opt-Out Controls. The Club provides alumni and other users a clear and user-friendly way to opt-out of receiving communications from the Club for most programs by visiting its website and editing their profiles or sending e-mails to [email protected].

b) Effective Date. We will immediately process opt-out preferences and will make them effective as soon as possible.

c) Changing Preferences. Opt-out decisions may be reversed by alumni at any time, except to the extent that we have relied on previous user preferences.

d) Questions Regarding Options. Alumni with questions or concerns regarding specific opt-out options may contact [email protected].

IV) Security

The Club recognizes the importance of safeguarding User Data. We have put in place appropriate physical, technical and administrative procedures to minimize the risk of unauthorized access to User Data, to maintain its accuracy and to ensure its appropriate use.

V) Changes

The Club retains the right to change this policy. We will promptly post changes to this page. This statement is effective as of October 15, 2009.

VI) External Links

The Club provides external links to independent third party websites as a courtesy and does not endorse or sponsor the third parties that operate those websites. While we try to link only to sites and services that share our high standards and respect for privacy, the Club is not responsible for the policies and content of those sites. Users should contact the coordinator of the particular site with any questions about those sites.

The Wharton Club of Boston, Inc.