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Here you will find a listing of the Club’s sponsors, and other club members' businesses. For details on sponsorship opportunities, click here.

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Pat Cote, WG'97

AssetGrade is a fee-only Registered Investment Advisor that provides financial planning and investment management for individuals and businesses. We specialize in HENRYs (High Earners, Not Rich Yet), with an emphasis on tax-efficient means of investing and building wealth. Wharton alumni comprise about 1/3 of our client base.

Pat Cote, WG'97
(617) 933-7257
Founding Partner at AssetGrade
[email protected]



Craig James, WG'83

Vistage is the world’s leading peer advisory group (private advisory board) membership organization for CEOs and business owners, with 20,000 members in 16 countries (and enough alumni to fill Gillette Stadium twice). These executives joined in order to help each other make better decisions, become better leaders, achieve better results, and enhance their personal lives by getting straight-shooting, agenda-free feedback and advice on decisions they face, and challenges they wrestling with.

If you’re interested in exploring membership in one of our 28 New England groups for CEOs, key executives, and professional advisors, drop me a line.

Craig James, WG'83
[email protected]



Amit Gupta, WG'04

Stop by and Smell the Roses
10% off your next purchase!

Valid on Kabloom.com or any store location on items $19.99 or greater. Use code WHARTON10 at checkout. Not valid in conjuction with other offers.

Amit Gupta, WG'04


Help Around Town

Reem Yared, WG'93

How do you promote a business? Service? Event? Fundraiser?

Use a HelpAroundTown ad to get the word out locally, flexibly & affordably.
Create your own ad – control the content & graphics
Edit your ad 24/7: Test marketing copy and graphics; Offer specials
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Get one free month of advertising as Wharton Club of Boston members!

Create your ad, save it, and email the link to [email protected]. See http://www.helparoundtown.com/why_advertise for instructions on how to create an ad.

Reem Yared, WG'93
[email protected]


Tony Irving, Photographer
(617) 320-8661 

Tony Irving is a freelance, corporate, and lifestyle photographer.