Mentorship Program

The Wharton Club of Boston's Mentorship program focuses on developing robust mentoring relationships between experienced local alumni (mentors) with younger alumni (mentees) for the primary purpose of facilitating the personal and professional development of the mentee. The program will also provide the mentors with a younger generation's perspective and allow them to share their wisdom and experience with emerging leaders. It is not just a simple transactional job search or networking support. (we have other programs to support these goals)

The club mentorship program has a clearly defined structure with best practice guidelines, supporting tools, mentor resources, and central oversight to optimize participant satisfaction and ongoing benefits. Mentors and mentees are initially paired for a six-month period, that can be extended as desired. Mentees will be expected to give back to the local Wharton community through volunteer opportunities, such as helping to organize and run an event for the Club.

Ongoing professional development and support is a key part of the Wharton alumni network's strength. We believe a successful mentorship program will result in a stronger Wharton alumni community in Boston, by fostering the participants' connectivity with and support for both the Wharton School and the Wharton Club of Boston...which in turn can be transformed into further value enhancements for alumni of all generations.

If you are interested in being connected with a mentor or in volunteering to be a mentor, please contact Jeff Waldron, our VP of Mentorship, at: [email protected]