Wharton Boston Business Exchange

Date and Time
Wednesday, May 5, 2021
7:30am— 9:00am
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Boston, MA
United States
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Craig James
Who's coming
Kenneth Roberts Stephanie Hessler Safia Rizvi David Kohen John Keniley Matt Dellelo William Maansfield Robert Kmetz Julius Levin Ken Stern Kenneth Davis Ben Brandes Brevan D'Angelo Jeanne Blauner Bonnie Henry
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The Wharton Boston Business Exchange is a forum for the exchange of ideas, information, and leads/business contacts. The meetings have something of interest for every participant: discussions of individual attendees’ issues or opportunities, sharing of events and goings-on around town, presentations on topics of interest, and networking.

IMG_0374.JPGWharton Alumni only.  Primarily for Wharton Club members.  Limited to a single visit for alumni non-members.  

Attendance is free, but registration is required.  

Location: Virtual

Contact Craig James at [email protected].

"For me the additional value of a Wharton education are the vast resources an alumni network offers. The Wharton Boston Business Exchange is one fine example. It attracts a diverse group of insightful people who take obvious pleasure in supporting each other when either asking or seeking information, and is adroitly steered by facilitator Craig James. A range of issues also creeps in making the Exchange a little wider than business only, all encapsulated within the monthly ninety minutes. Highly recommended to any Wharton grad wanting to embed in Boston’s business scene - Julius Levin, W64"

“Whether meeting virtually or in-person, the Wharton Business Exchange offers wonderful opportunities to meet fellow alums who are bright and curious; doing interesting things in the world; and eager to help out each other." - Cynthia Sheppard WG 1982

“I have attended the Wharton Boston Business Exchange on and off for the last 10 years. It is run very well and attended by Wharton alums that genuinely want to help one another. I have made at least one new connection and received at least one good job lead every time I have attended. A silver lining from COVID is that these events are even easier to attend virtually and long-time facilitators like Craig James and Ken Davis have done a great job sticking to the agenda while also giving everyone the opportunity to get to know one another.” - Ken Roberts, Wharton Undergrad, 1991

“Craig does a great job running this group. We start on zoom at 7:30 am. We all look forward to connecting and a fun exchange of thoughts and ideas as well as networking with other Wharton alums. The people are nice and down to earth with a wide assortment of skills, experience, and interests. We see new faces as well as “old” faces each month. This is well worth your time." - Jeanne Blauner WG'78

"I've been attending the Wharton Business Exchange for several years. It's a very well organized event that allows for networking among highly motivated and supportive Wharton professionals. This group has opened many doors for me, given me professional support, and expanded my contacts, friendships and horizons. I look forward to continuing to attend!" Stephanie H. WG '84

"Best of the best networking - highly motivated group of Wharton alums helping each other achieve their goals. Well facilitated so that members can efficiently present their needs and get fast results." Bonnie Henry, WG ’79.

“Even though our paths may not have crossed at Wharton, through the Business Exchange we have wonderful opportunities to meet fellow alums who are bright and curious; doing interesting things in the world; and eager to help out each other." - Cynthia Sheppard WG 1982

“I have found the Wharton Boston Business Exchange to be a valuable new Club resource. After just two monthly meetings, I’ve already made one job contact, witnessed a presentation by a fellow member that was both interesting and actionable, and initiated several new relationships. I would definitely recommend that other Wharton alum join an exchange. In fact, I’ve already invited a close friend of mine and fellow alum to join!” – LAURA WG’99 

"While I have attended other Wharton Networking events in the past, the new Wharton Boston Business Exchange is a much stronger networking venue. It's the continuity of having the same core members, as well as the opportunity to meet outside of the group, which strengthens the networking opportunities. I've attended both meetings of our group and have enjoyed the opportunity to meet a new group of Wharton alums. The meetings have been informative and I've made several referrals to other attendees already. I look forward to our next meeting and the opportunity to build mutual relationships that will help both develop business and create value added relationships. It's a great way to leverage our Wharton connections. I would highly recommend joining if you are interested in growing your business and developing valuable contacts." – KEN WG’68 

"The Business Exchange affords the opportunity to meet other Wharton grads one-to-one without having to travel into the city, and in doing so get an in-depth understanding of each other's businesses. The hope is that the insights we gain will help us all develop stronger relationships and refer business to each other." - BARBARA, Wh '81 

"I have attended the first three Wharton Boston Business Exchange meetings of 2010.  The events are well-organized and have a purpose......networking with fellow alums.  The meetings allow for  introductions to fellow alums, after which I have met one-on-one to talk about opportunities or share ideas with those who have similar interests.  I highly recommend attending one of the upcoming meetings.  The more who attend, the more valuable for all involved."   -  Jeff Stought  WG '98 
"I have been motivated to tolerate a 5:00am wake-up call & 90-minute commute to regularly attend the Wharton Boston Business Exchange.  The Exchange’s objectives are clear and extremely well managed, namely:  Networking for business leads,  "advice, or a new position - for about 45 minutes. This interchange is followed by a brief guest speaker or discussion topic of common interest. Additionally, the Exchange meetings afford a convenient venue for 1-on-1 idea and referral follow-ups, from which I have acquired both valuable contacts and exceptionally enjoyable friends!"   -  Kathryn Davis Cadigan  WG '89  
"As a first-timer, and late to that first meeting too, I was welcomed as though I’d been a long-time member.  I gave a brief intro that people actually listened to and when it came time for networking, useful ideas came pouring in my direction.  It was a most useful, smart and engaging group of talented folk and I look forward to our next gathering." Kendall Dudley, W'65

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